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Friday Fiver [entries|friends|calendar]
Friday Fiver, LJ's Original Friday Meme.

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Day is done [20 Jun 2008|03:23pm]

1. Last party you went to?

2. Do you pee in the shower?

3. Have you ever fired a gun?

4. Where do you call home?

5. What's your favorite board game?
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That's where we meet [06 Jun 2008|08:20am]

1. What's your weather?

2. Where are you on your way to?

3. Are you good with directions?

4. Do you know your neighbors?

5. What do you smell?
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Throw your love around [23 May 2008|07:39am]

1. Last laugh?

2. What do you love?

3. Gold or silver?

4. Who do you hold hands with?

5. Friday fill-in:
There's no time to ____.


Note from your mod: Please join us in got_good!
Think of it as a shiny, happy place. Post something good, get positive feedback.
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One more trip [16 May 2008|08:08am]

1. Are you a good worker?

2. What do you carry?

3. Do you know your neighbors?

4. Where do you like to go for a day trip?

5. What is at your feet?
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Buy me flowers [09 May 2008|07:06am]

1. Who do you adore?

2. Who adores you?

3. What's in your pockets?

4. Who can you talk with for hours?

5. What sounds great today?
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I'm still [02 May 2008|06:50am]

1. Describe where you grew up:

2. Do you wear any jewelery?

3. What do you have too much of?

4. Who is a fool?

5. What's your nickname?
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The air's so heavy [25 Apr 2008|07:08am]

1. When did you last get lost?

2. Have you ever been flying?

3. Who do you always listen to?

4. When does the day feel long?

5. Friday fill-in:
Are we _____ ?
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Growin' like a breeze [18 Apr 2008|10:57am]

1. What is heaven?

2. What is older than you?

3. Where do you belong?

4. Who is no longer a stranger to you?

5. Friday fill-in:
I hear ____.
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Singing mighty protest songs [11 Apr 2008|08:45am]

1. When were you born?

2. What's your favorite photograph?

3. What's the longest distance you've run?

4. What is familiar?

5. What do you count on?
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Music! [04 Apr 2008|04:19pm]

1. What song frequently gets stuck in your head?

2. Choose one line from a song that sums up your life thus far.

3. Do you have one all-time favorite song (if so, what is it?) or do you skip around?

4. How do you listen to music most often (pod, radio, etc)?

5. American Idol: fantastic show or overrated?
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Feedback baby [28 Mar 2008|04:32am]

1. What have you sold?

2. What do you want to change?

3. What does your answering machine / voice mail message say?

4. Where did you go to school?

5. Friday fill-in:
If you'd like to reach me, ______.
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I promise you I'll show you [21 Mar 2008|03:52pm]

1. Are you a people watcher?

2. Who do you hang out with?

3. Did you work hard this week?

4. How do you show a date a good time?

5. What's your favorite rule to break?
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The Fiver will be back next week! [15 Mar 2008|03:10am]

Thank you to everyone who posted their concerns. You guys are the best. ;) We'll be back to our regularly scheduled antics next Friday.
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When the sun beats down [15 Feb 2008|06:25am]

1. Favorite shoes?

2. What time does the sun set near you?

3. Do you like spending time in the sun?

4. Do you burn or tan?

5. Monopoly: yay! or no way!
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hush your mouth [08 Feb 2008|08:13am]

1. Do you like the thrill of a chase?

2. What winds you up?

3. Are you a loud talker?

4. What comes easy to you?

5. What did you dream about recently?
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The feelings that I feel [01 Feb 2008|06:34am]

1. What are you set on?

2. What do you have to do right?

3. Have any kids?

4. Are you patient?

5. Friday fill-in:
I know if I put my mind to it ______.
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I'll show you what I'm made of [25 Jan 2008|08:21am]

1. What are you missing?

2. How do you feel?

3. What have you let go?

4. Who have you hurt?

5. What do you deserve?
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You just have to wait [18 Jan 2008|06:35am]

1. What do you need?

2. What won't you share?

3. What do you hurry through?

4. Who is worth waiting for?

5. Friday fill-in:
I can't bear to ______.
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You'll forget the sun [11 Jan 2008|05:15am]

1. Where do you like to walk?

2. What does your hair look like?

3. What are you jealous of?

4. What kind of promises do you make?

5. What makes you stare?
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..turned into rainbow fish [04 Jan 2008|07:08am]

1. What's your favorite shape?

2. Who is the craziest person you know?

3. Sweet, salty or savory?

4. Best ice cream topping?

5. Do you ride horses?
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